351 Ford Windsor Cylinder Head Specifications

by James Croxon
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The Ford 351 Windsor engine, often confused with the 351 Cleveland engine, is a 90-degree V8 engine partly produced at the Windsor, Ontario Ford plant. The engine was manufactured from the 1970s through the 1990s and remains popular with car enthusiasts because many aftermarket parts remain available for the engine. One 351 Windsor engine part that has been modified over time is the cylinder head, which is currently available in both stock specifications and specialized versions.

351 and 302 Differences

Introduced in 1969, the 351 Windsor shared the same stock cylinder head casting as the 302 and differed only in the bolt hole diameter, which was 1/2 inch in the 351 versus 7/16 inch for the 302. Another difference between the 351 and 302 is the number of bolt holes. The 351 had 16 bolt holes versus 12 in the 302.

Basic Replacement Heads

A wide variety of aftermarket cylinder heads are available for the 351 Windsor. These heads come in bare (only the finished casting) and assembled (heads with valves, valve springs, locks, retainers, and seals) configurations. Standard heads include the Edelbrock EDE-60219, a cast aluminum head with a 60cc combustion chamber and a 1.900 inch intake valve diameter. The exhaust valve diameter in the EDE-60219 is 1.600 inches with a 0.575 inch maximum valve lift.

Performance Replacement Heads

Performance cylinder heads have improved durability, superior finishes from CNC milling and modified specifications to compliment performance parts. An example is the Edelbrock EDE-61309, which has a 62cc combustion chamber, a valve diameter of 2.080 inches and a modified valve angle for improved performance. The EDE-61309 also has a 2.5 inch exhaust bolt pattern to accommodate performance headers.

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