1405 & 1406 Edelbrock Differences

by Tim McQuade
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The Edelbrock model No. 1405 and 1405 carburetors are a part of the company's Performer-Series carburetors. Although the two carburetor models are similar in some respects, they have key differences that affect overall performance. Edelbrock is an automotive-parts company. The company has its automative-branch headquarters located in Torrance, California.

Performance Differences

Edelbrock's 1405 and 1406 are similar in many respects, but the company designed the carburetors to have different performance capabilities. For instance, Edelbrock designed the model 1405 carburetors to achieve moderate to high street performance, giving the carburetor towing capabilities. On the other hand, in order to give the 1406 carburetor greater fuel economy capabilities, Edelbrock had to design this carburetor to have reduced street performance potential than the 1405.

1405 Specifications

Edelbrock's 1405-model carburetor has a primary main jet that measures 0.100 inches, and a secondary main jet that measures 0.095 inches. The primary metering rod measures 0.070 by 0.047 inches, and the needle and seat measure 0.0935 inches. The float level measures 0.4375, while the float drop measures 1.25 inches with a 0.25-inch variation. The carburetor uses an orange-colored, 5-inch staging vacuum step-up spring. The accelerator pump nozzle has a 0.028-inch diameter.

1406 Specifications

The 1406 carburetor has a 0.098-inch primary main jet, and a 0.095-inch secondary main jet. The metering rod measures 0.075 by 0.047 inches. The needle and seat measure 0.0935 inches, while the float height measured 0.4375 inches. The float drop is 1.25 inches, with a 0.25-inch variance. Edelbrock's 1406 carburetor uses the yellow-colored, 4-inch staging vacuum step-up spring. The accelerator pump nozzle has a 0.031-inch diameter.

1405 and 1406 Similarities

Despite the differences in the design specifications and performance output, the two carburetors have a host of similarities. For instance, both carburetors are the same size, as they are 600-cubic-feet per minute carburetors. Edelbrock designed the 1405 and 1406 carburetors for similarly sized engines; engines typically used with these carburetors have a piston displacement value between 302 and 400 cubic inches. Both carburetors also share a dual plane intake type.

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