2005 Tundra Bed Specs

by Brian Vaughan

The 2005 Toyota Tundra is a pickup truck available in 14 different trim levels. Among these are the Regular Cab, Four Wheel Drive, and two- and four-wheel-drive versions of the SR5 Access Cab, SR5 Stepside Access Cab, SR5 Double Cab, Limited Access Cab, Limited Stepside Access Cab and Limited Double Cab. Bed specifications vary between the different models.

Bed Length and Depth

The bed measures 98.2 inches for the Four Wheel Drive and Regular Cab, 74.7 inches for the SR5 Access Cab and Limited Access Cab, 73.3 inches for the Stepside models, and 74.3 inches for the Double Cab models. Truck bed depth measures 19.1 inches for the Stepside models, 20.7 inches for the Double Cab models and 17.2 inches for all other versions.

Bed Width

When measured at the wall, the bed is 63.3 inches wide for the Double Cab models, 53.8 inches wide for the Stepside models and 62.8 inches for all other trim levels. At the wheel well, the bed is 49.3 inches wide for all models.


The Four Wheel Drive has room for up to three passengers, while all other models can seat up to six. For the Double Cab models, headroom is 41.2 inches in the front seat and 40.2 inches in the back seat. All other models have 40.3 inches of headroom in the front and 38.3 inches in the back. Front seat legroom is 41.5 inches for all models. Back seat legroom equals 37.5 inches for the Double Cab models and 28.6 inches for all other models.

Other Measurements

The Double Cab models are 230.1 inches long and all other models measure 218.3 inches. The Double Cab and Limited models are 79.3 inches wide, while the other trim levels are 75.2 inches wide. The SR5 Double Cab is 74.4 inches tall, the Limited Access models are 71.7 inches tall, the Limited Double Cab is 75 inches tall and all other versions are 71.1 inches tall. The wheelbase totals 140.5 inches for the Double Cab models and 128.3 inches for all other models.

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