2005 Dodge Durango 4.7L Towing Capacity

by Keith Owings

Dodge introduced the Durango, a midsize sport utility vehicle, in 1998; it quickly became one of America's top-selling SUVs behind the Ford Explorer. The Durango boasted an interior that's larger than most midsize SUV interiors, and more powerful engines. Dodge introduced the second-generation Durango in 2004. Towing capacity and other performance data of the second-generation Durangos, of which the 2005 model was a part, differed according to which engine and which trim a particular Durango had.

Four-Wheel-Drive Towing Capacity

The 2005 Durango was offered with a 3.7-liter engine, a 5.7-liter engine and a 4.7-liter engine. The Dodge Durango's 4.7-liter V8 engine generated 230 horsepower and 290 foot-pounds of torque.

Four-Wheel-Drive Towing Capacity

The 4.7-liter engine was offered in several Durango trims in 2005. There was some variation in towing capacity between models. The four-wheel-drive ST and SXT models had towing capacity of 5,850 lbs., while the four-wheel-drive SLT, Adventurer and Limited models were capable of pulling 8,650 lbs.

Two-Wheel-Drive Towing Capacity

The two-wheel-drive version of the Durango SXT could pull up to 6,000 lbs. The SLT, Adventurer and Limited each had towing capacity of 8,950 lbs.

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