2005 Chevy 2500HD Duramax 4X4 Specs

by Michael G. Sanchez
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The 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD was a serious work truck. It was ideal for towing heavy loads, shuttling gear and personnel around a job site and other demanding applications. The optional, high-torque Duramax diesel engine was the choice for buyers who needed maximum hauling power.

Exterior & Interior Dimensions

The Silverado 2500 was available in regular, extended-cab and crew-cab body styles. The regular-cab truck was 222.1 inches long, 79.7 inches wide and 76.2 inches high, and had a 133-inch wheelbase. The extended-cab model measured 227.7 inches in length, 79.7 inches in width and 76.2 inches in height. It rode on a 143.5-inch wheelbase. Finally, the four-door, crew-cab truck was 256.2 inches long, 79.7 inches wide and 77 inches tall, with a 167-inch wheelbase.

The regular cab's interior offered 41.0 inches of headroom, 65.2 inches of shoulder room, 61.4 inches of hip room and 41.3 inches of legroom. These front-seat dimensions remained constant in the extended- and crew-cab models. The extended cab's rear seat provided passengers with 38.4 inches of headroom, 66.3 inches of shoulder room, 61.5 inches of hip room and 33.7 inches of legroom. The crew cab's larger backseat boasted 39.0 inches of headroom, 65.1 inches of shoulder room, 62.9 inches of hip room and 39.1 of legroom.


The Silverado's optional Duramax, direct-injection, turbodiesel V-8 engine displaced 6.6-liters. It was available paired to either a GM six-speed manual, a GM five-speed manual or an Allison five-speed automatic transmission. The big engine produced 310 horsepower at 3,000 rpm and a massive 605 foot-pounds of torque at just 1,600 rpm when paired with the Allison automatic transmission. With either of the manual transmissions, its output dropped to 300 horsepower and 520 foot-pounds of torque.

The Silverado could be had with rear-wheel drive or part-time four-wheel drive with low-range.

Towing & Payload

The 2500HD's gross vehicle weight rating topped out at 9,200 pounds and it could handles payloads of up to 3,964 pounds. With a ball hitch, the truck had a maximum towing capacity of 12,000 pounds. Equipped with a fifth-wheel or goose-neck hitch, it could haul up to 16,700 pounds.


The Silverado 2500HD came standard with four-wheel ABS. Front driver and passenger airbags were also standard. Traction control, however, was not available.

Fuel Economy and Pricing

Due to how it was federally classified, the diesel-powered 2500HD was never tested by the EPA for fuel efficiency. Mileage performance in the mid-teens is what you should reasonably expect, though, based on user-reported data.

When it was in showrooms back in 2005, the 2500HD had a price that ranged from $24,405 all the way up to $40,730, depending on configuration. As of 2014, Kelly Blue Book states that a used example in good condition should go from about $14,570 on the low end up to $22,035 on the high end.

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