2002 Polaris Sportsman 400 Specs

by Dwight Malone
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The 2002 Polaris Sportsman 400 is an all-terrain vehicle produced by Yamaha. It is a four-wheel drive vehicle capable of driving on rough terrain, up steep hills and through sand and mud. The Sportsman 400 comes with many of the same features as the Sportsman 500, although the 400 is an all-around smaller vehicle.


The Sportsman 400 weighs in at 697 pounds and has a towing capacity of 850 pounds. It also can carry 270 pounds of cargo on its two luggage racks, which are located on the front and rear of the vehicle.


A 425-cc, four-stroke, liquid cooled engine comes standard on the Sportsman. The engine has an oil capacity of two quarts and comes equipped with an electric start. It also has a pull start that can be used in an emergency if the electric start fails.

Braking System

The front brakes on the Sportsman 400 are operated with a hand lever on the handlebar, while the rear brake is operated with foot pedal. The front and rear brakes are both hydraulic disc brakes. An emergency brake is also standard equipment.


The Sportsman 400 is 81 inches long, 47 inches high and 46 inches wide. The wheelbase is 51 inches across and it has a ground clearance of 11 inches.


The automatic Polaris Variable Transmission has high/low gear and reverse. The Sportsman has on-demand all-wheel drive, meaning you can shift into all-wheel drive while driving the vehicle.


The Sportsman 400 has two different size tires on the front and rear. Front tires are 8 inches wide while the rear tires are 11 inches wide. Both are inflated to 5 psi.


An independent suspension with anti-roll bar and two twin-tube rear shocks help provide stability while driving.

Fuel capacity

A 5.25-gallon fuel tank comes standard.

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