2002 Dodge RAM 2500 Recalls

by Horacio Garcia
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Dodge has seven recalls that affect the performance of the 2002 Ram 2500. Some of these recalls only affect a few of the trucks such as the recall for the windshield wiper module which is defective on only 1,364 Rams, but other recalls on the Ram 2500 can create a fire hazard or control issues.

Exterior Lighting Recall

The 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 has two recalls for exterior lighting problems. Over 16,000 Dodges, including the Ram 2500, need to have the corner and bumper lamp assemblies replaced because the lighting fixture does not have enough illumination. According to Carcomplaints.com, the lamp assemblies do not conform to the proper standards and need to be replaced with ones that do meet the illumination requirements. The other exterior lighting recall affects reflectors on the Ram 2500 which cannot be seen by another vehicle at the required distance. These reflectors are located on the side, back and corners of the truck.

Fuel Performance Kit Recalls

According to RepairPal.com. more than 44,000 Dodge trucks have been recalled because of defective fuel performance kits. These kits break and cause small pieces of material to flow into the throttle of the Ram 2500 causing the throttle to jam in the open position. This defect can cause the truck to accelerate and jump forward creating an accident. This jammed throttle will also increase the braking distance of the Ram 2500. The dealership will replace these defective performance kits with new kits which do not allow material to flow into the throttle.

ABS Control Module Recall

The 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 has been recalled for problems with the anti-locking braking system (ABS) module being defective. The trucks which come with four-wheel ABS brakes have been short-circuiting because acid from the battery has been leaking onto the circuit. This electrolyte from the battery damages the circuit on the ABS brakes creating a fire hazard. The ABS control module needs to be inspected by the dealership and replaced if this defect is found on the 2002 Ram 2500.

Powertrain Recall

Forty-six thousand four-wheel drive Dodge trucks were recalled because the rear axle weld can break damaging the calipers on the brakes. When this damage occurs to the calipers, it causes the truck's brake lines to separate from the calipers. The 2002 Ram 2500 will loose the rear brakes when this problem occurs. The rear brake calipers need to have reinforced to prevent the brake line from breaking away from the calipers.

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