1997 Dodge Intrepid Oil Specs

by John Walker
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The oil specifications for a vehicle encompass three aspects: oil capacities and weight, oil filter, and torque specifications. The 1997 Dodge Intrepid comes with options for a 3.3-liter, six-cylinder engine or a 3.5-liter, six-cylinder engine. Consult your owner's manual or the vehicle information sticker beneath the hood to determine which engine size your vehicle has.

Oil Weight and Amounts

Dodge requires five quarts of SAE 5w30 in the 1997 Intrepid for the 3.3-liter, six-cylinder. The 3.6-liter, six-cylinder needs 5.5 quarts of SAE 10w30. Use a synthetic or high-mileage oil for engines with higher mileage or vehicles that are used for extensive driving. Oil additives geared at repairing or reconditioning engine seals help prolong the life of the vehicle.


Both versions of the 1997 Intrepid use a WIX 51085 or other manufacturer's equivalent. High-mileage and extended-use filters are available. Always make sure to remove the old gasket from the original filter when changing the oil. Lubricate the new oil filter gasket with fresh oil before installing and install to hand tight plus one-quarter turn. Over-tightening the filter damages the gasket and leads to oil leaks.

Torque Specifications

Dodge Intrepid oil drain plugs torque to 25 ft-lb of torque. Check the drain plug and gasket for signs of wear or damage. Replace either if any damage is noticed. Installing a worn out plug or damaged gasket can cause the threads in the oil pan to strip out and oil leaks to occur.

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