1989 Chevy K2500 Exterior Specs

by Justan Brandt
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While the 1989 Chevrolet K2500 has the designation of a 3/4-ton pickup truck, the labeling of 1/2-, 3/4-quarter- and 1-ton trucks has become an outdated system that used to describe the payload capacity. The K2500 is a member of the C/K trucks from Chevrolet; the "C" represents a two-wheel drive model, while the "K" indicates four-wheel drive.

Bed Length

The 1989 Chevy K2500 has two possible bed lengths: 6.5 and 8 feet. The 6.5-foot bed has an extended cab, while the 8-foot bed comes with either an extended or regular cab.

Exterior Measurements

With two cab styles and two bed lengths, 1989 Chevy K2500 trims have a number of possible exterior measurements. When equipped with a 6.5-foot bed and extended cab, the K2500 measures 223.4 inches long, 76.4 inches wide and 74.5 inches high with a wheelbase of 141.5 inches. A regular cab K2500 with an 8-foot bed measures 212.9 inches long, 76.4 inches wide and 74.3 inches high, and it rides on a 131.5-inch wheelbase. An 8-foot bed and extended cab K2500 measures 236.9 inches long, 76.4 inches wide and 74.5 inches high, and it comes equipped with a 155.5-inch wheelbase.

Curb Weight

The curb weight of the 1989 Chevy K2500 depends on the combination of transmission, engine, cab and bed length. Maximum curb weights vary between 4,506 (extended cab, automatic transmission and 6.5-foot bed) and 4,942 lbs. (extended cab, 8-foot bed, automatic transmission and diesel engine).


"Track" refers to the distance between the tires in either the front or rear. The 1989 K2500 has a front track of either 62.6 or 64.1 inches, depending on trims and options. It has a rear track of 63.6 or 63.9 inches.

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