1988 Chevy Pickup Specs

by Trudie Longren
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1988 marked a mini-revolution in Chevrolet/GMC trucks. 1988 was the year that Chevrolet began manufacturing flat-paneled trucks in three styles -- single, extended and crew cab. The new trucks were designed to meet the needs of the Chevy truck consumer, who wanted a vehicle to transport the family during the week and do light-duty hauling on weekends. The new 1988 trucks are credited with putting Chevrolet back in front of Ford in the manufacturing of trucks that could be driven like an automobile.

History of the Chevy Truck

Chevy trucks have undergone a series of modifications since World War II. The changes followed the evolution of the American society itself. The longest running Chevy truck was the "C/K" series which ran from 1960 until 1998. The "C" stood for two-wheel drive trucks and the "K" for four-wheel drive vehicles. The C/K series came on quarter-, three-quarter and full-ton bodies. They were equipped with three- or four-speed manual transmissions and engine transmissions, 283-cubic inch V8 or 250-cubic inch V6 engine. The C/K trucks were replaced in 1998 by the Silverado line.

1988 Chevy C/K Series -- Power and Fuel Specifications

The trucks are equipped with a 6.2-liter 126-horsepower V8 engine or a 4.3-liter 160-horsepower V6 engine. The fuel capacity of all C/K trucks is 25 gallons. The trucks are equipped with either a three- or a four-speed automatic transmission and two- or four-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive trucks gets 16 to 17 mpg in the city and 20 to 22 mpg on the highway. The rear wheel drive trucks get 17 to 18 mpg in the city and 22 to 25 on the highway.

1988 Chevy C/K Series -- Interior/Exterior Measurements

The trucks featured 6.5-foot or 8-foot beds and a regular or extended cab. The trucks have 40-inch front headroom and 41.8-inch front legroom. The truck's shoulder room measures 50 inches and hip room 60.5 inches. The trucks are equipped with two doors and have a curb weight ranging from 3,655 pounds on the smallest two-wheel drive, 6.5-foot bed truck to 4,178 in the larger 8-foot bed truck with an extended cab. The measurements of the trucks are: 194.10 inched long, 76.4 inches wide and 70.4 inches high for the 6.5-foot bed two-wheel drive and 236.9 inches long, 76.4 inches wide and 73.90 inches high for the extended cab four-wheel drive 8-foot bed truck.

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