184 International Lowboy Specs

by Tim McQuade
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The International Harvester 184 Lo-Boy -- or Lowboy -- was a 1-liter, two-wheel-drive farm tractor. It was manufactured and sold between 1977 and 1980. The serial numbers from 1977 until 1980 were as follows: 43802, 46163, 48030 and 52339. The manufacturer's retail suggested price was approximately $4,200 in 1980.

Engine Specifications

The 184 Lo-Boy used an International Harvester engine, model No. C60. It had four cylinders. The bore by stroke of the engine was 2.625 by 2.75 inches and the compression ratio was 7.5 to 1. The total power output was 18 horsepower and the piston displacement was 59.5 cubic inches. The rated rpm was 2,300 and the piston firing order was the following: one, three, four and two. Total oil capacity was 3 quarts and the engine could hold 9.75 gallons of coolant.

Dimensions and Weight

The total weight of the tractor was 1,620 lbs. The wheelbase measured 64 inches and the ground clearance was 13 inches. The 184 had a length of 94 inches, a width of 52 inches and a height of 49 inches. The front tire size was 4.00-12 and the rear tires were size 8.3-24. The spark plug gap measured 0.023 inches. Total fuel capacity measured 8 gallons.

Equipment and Features

The manual transmission was a three-speed with one reverse gear. The battery charging was at 37 amps. The engine cooling featured a liquid-cooling system and was naturally aspirated. The required fuel was gasoline. The tractor's power take-off -- which allows other equipment or machinery to draw power from the engine -- produced 11 horsepower or power.

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