Why You Would Need to Replace the Rims on a Car?

by Daniel Cobalt
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Most cars depend on inflated tires to move properly. The tires depend on correctly fitted, working rims to maintain tire pressure. A vibrating tire or loss of pressure indicates a problem with the tire or rim. A properly inflated tire saves up to 3.3 percent on gas usage, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.


The tire and rim require a fit that keeps the tire inflated. Tire manufacturers list the size of rims for each tire. You need to replace the rim or the tire if the specifications do not match. Vehicle specifications also list proper rim sizes. An unapproved rim size requires replacement.


Leaking tires generally come from tire issues, but according to Mike Allen, Popular Mechanics senior editor, the rim also causes issues. Alloy rims with construction issues leak. Allen recommends replacement of faulty alloy rims rather than repairs.


Finding cracks or broken edges on the rim indicates a need to replace the rim. Hard contact to the rim, including hitting high curbs or large potholes, potentially results in bending or damage.


Checking your tires for inflation issues once a month provides information on amount of pressure loss. Tires lose more air during the winter. Sudden increase in pressure indicates a need to have the tire and rim inspected.

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