How to Find a Vintage Car Rental

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Renting a vintage car for a day long ride-around on a sunny summer day can be a great birthday or anniversary surprise for someone who really loves old cars. Just imagine the look on your special someone's face when you pull into the drive way in an (enter really awesome vintage car rental here), ready to take them out for a spin! Or maybe you would like to rent a classic car for yourself, just as a treat for the day. Either way, here's a few steps on how to find and rent these vintage beauties.

Finding a classic or vintage car to rent can take a bit of effort, depending on your location. If you live near a big centralized city; Seattle, or Portland, for example, you may have to tap into their resources in order to find a company that rents vintage cars. The first and most obvious step in finding a rental classic car then, is to Google your location along with what style of old car you are looking to rent. Often times, however, finding a classic car at a car rental facility is more difficult than this; keep reading!

Network with your friends. Most people know at least one person who is nearly obsessed with classic cars; always tinkering on them in the garage and burning out the tires in front of their get the picture. Talk to them and ask if you can set up an arrangement for a classic car rental for the day-offer to pay and always sign some sort of contract of agreement should anything happen to the car while in your possession. This will give you and the person renting the car piece of mind.

See the website below; Classic Car Rental Connection. By entering your location, desired classic car rental make and year; it will provide you with a list of options nearest to you.

Check out all of the exotic car rental businesses nearest to you. These companies usually rent out newer, high end sports cars, but they often have a handful of less advertised classic cars that can also be rented out.

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