V8 & S10 Swap Instructions

by Cameron Easey

Swapping the V6 engine in an S10 with a V8 can be done by using the existing configuration inside the engine compartment. If the old engine has already been removed, you are nearly ready to mount the V8 in the engine compartment. You should already have the V8 engine on an engine hoist. However, to swap the V8 engine successfully you will require the use of an S10 conversion kit.

Step 1

Locate the frame mounts inside the engine compartment. Remove the existing motor mounts by using a socket wrench.

Step 2

Find the offset motor mounts that are included with the S10 conversion kit. Set the offset motor mount in place with the offset facing the rear of the vehicle. Secure the offset motor mounts with the included bolts.

Step 3

Lower the V8 engine down into the engine compartment. Insert a bolt into the motor mounts and tighten with the socket wrench. Connect the transmission to the engine by tightening all of the bolts.

Step 4

Remove the two bolts that are securing the rag joint using a standard wrench and a socket wrench. Find the slider for the steering column and loosen with the socket wrench. Pull up on the rag joint to position it near the firewall.

Step 5

Slide the driver's side header onto steering column and rag joint. Place a header gasket on the head and secure with the header bolts. Re-attach the rag joint by tightening the nuts onto the bolts along with the slider joint. Set the passenger side header in place and tighten with the header bolts.

Step 6

Mount the flexible transmission dipstick by first inserting it into the transmission. You will then need to use a self-tapping screw to attach it to the firewall, with the attached clamp. Secure self-tapping screws with the power drill.

Step 7

Position the distributor from the conversion kit into the intake manifold. Make sure you have the rotor facing the correct direction. Attach the hold down clamp for the distributor and then tighten by using a wrench.

Step 8

Locate the four studs in the intake manifold. Slide the carburetor or throttle body over the bolts. Secure a nut onto each bolt by hand and tighten fully using the wrench. Attach the throttle linkage and the kick down cable for the transmission to the carburetor or throttle body. Connect each of the vacuum lines by pushing them into place.

Step 9

Place the radiator in the front of the engine. Insert the bolts and tighten using the socket wrench. Mount the aftermarket exhaust kit to the headers and attach it to the body of the vehicle.

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