How to Use Mercedes Navigation

by Chester Rockwell

Mercedes Benz equips many of its cars with its proprietary navigation and multimedia system, dubbed "COMAND." In addition to providing an access point for in-car telephone controls, stereo controls and satellite radio, COMAND also provides a navigation system. Included with the navigation system are points of interest, turn-by-turn directions and an address book feature. Using the navigation system to obtain directions is a relatively easy and straightforward procedure.

Step 1

Turn on your car and press the "NAV" button while you remain parked.

Step 2

Push the joy stick on your dash downward and navigate to "Enter Destination." Press "OK" to begin destination input.

Step 3

Using the joy stick, enter the letters to spell out the street name of your destination. Press the "State" soft-key at the corner of the screen and use the joy stick to navigate through the list of states. Select your destination's state and press "OK."

Step 4

Select the "House Number" soft key and enter in the house number of your destination using the joy stick. Press "OK" when complete.

Use the joy stick to select "Start route guidance" on the main menu to begin receiving turn-by-turn directions to your destination from your Mercedes' navigation system.

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