How to Use Marvel Mystery Oil

by Justin Cupler
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Marvel mystery oil first came out in October 1923 to rid carburetors of deposits caused by unrefined gasoline. In World War II, Marvel mystery oil was actually used in ships, tanks, airplanes and other military vehicles. Marvel Mystery Oil has several uses in the automotive field. It can serve as an additive in the fuel system to help clean out any buildup from debris in the gasoline. You can also add it to engine oil at oil change intervals.

Adding to Oil

Step 1

Open the hood of your vehicle, and open the oil filler cap.

Step 2

Raise the front of the vehicle with a floor jack, and support it with jack stands. Place a drain pan directly under the oil pan.

Step 3

Crawl beneath the vehicle, and remove the engine oil drain plug using a combination wrench. The exact location of the plug varies between vehicles, but it is located on the oil pan. Allow the oil to drain from the oil pan until only small drops come out. Replace the drain plug, and tighten it to the manufacturer's specs found in the repair manual using a torque wrench and socket.

Step 4

Slide the drain pan, carefully, until it lies directly beneath the oil filter. The exact location of the filter varies between vehicles; refer to your repair manual for the location. Loosen and remove the oil filter using an oil filter band wrench. Place the old filter in the drain pan.

Step 5

Place a thin coat of new oil on the rubber gasket at the base of the new oil filter, using you index finger. Tighten the oil filter, by hand, until it meets the oil filter adapter. Tighten the oil filter one-quarter of a turn after it meets the oil filter adapter.

Step 6

Pull the drain pan from beneath the vehicle, carefully, as to not spill any oil on the ground.

Step 7

Raise the vehicle off of the jack stands, using the floor jack, and remove the stands from under the vehicle. Lower the vehicle to the ground.

Step 8

Place the funnel inside the engine oil filler hole and add 75 percent of the engine's capacity, found in your owners' manual. Fill the remaining 25 percent of the engines capacity with Marvel Mystery Oil. Remove the engine oil dipstick and verify the level is correct, per the owner's manual.

Step 9

Reinsert the dipstick, close the engine oil filler cap and close the vehicle's hood.

Step 10

Pour the drained engine oil into the empty oil bottles, using the funnel as a guide. Dispose of the old engine oil and filter properly, many auto parts stores will dispose of old fluids free of charge.

Adding to Fuel

Step 1

Open your fuel filler cap and fill up the fuel tank with gasoline or diesel fuel, depending on your vehicle.

Step 2

Remove the filler nozzle when the tank is full, all commercial filling station pumps stop automatically when the tank is full.

Step 3

Open your owners' manual and locate your vehicle's fuel tank capacity and divide that number by ten. Multiply the result by 4 -- the number of ounces of Marvel Mystery Oil to add per ten gallons -- and that is the number of ounces of Marvel Mystery Oil to add to your tank.

Step 4

Pour the Marvel Mystery Oil into the liquid measuring cup until the amount determined in step 3 is achieved.

Step 5

Place the funnel into the fuel filler hole and pour the Marvel Mystery Oil from the measuring cup into the funnel. Tighten the fuel filler cap and close the fuel door.

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