What Type of Oil to Use in Kubota Diesel?

by Brenda Priddy
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Diesel engines have many points that need to be oiled and greased for proper operation, and owners of Kubota diesel engines might wonder what type of oil to use. Using the proper oil also can affect warranties: If the recommended oil is not used and damage occurs from this, the warranty could be voided. Maintenance requirements vary, so always consult the owner's manual for specifics on lubrication and maintenance schedules.

Internal Engine Oil

Engine oil in Kubota diesels should be monitored on a regular basis, and you must have the right oil. It is recommended to use 30W or 10W-40 in temperature conditions that are above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, 20W or 10W-30 in temperatures that range from 32 to 77 degrees, and 10W or 10W-30 for temperatures below 32 degrees. If improper oil is used, it could become too thick or too thin and cause damage to the engine from overheating. This type of damage typically is not covered by warranties.

External Lubricating Oil

A well-lubricated Kubota engine will help increase the life of the engine and ensure the best performance. Lubricating the various shafts, rods pedals and brackets will keep the the engine functioning efficiently. There are two primary types of diesel engines: non-exhaust gas recirculation and external-exhaust gas recirculation. Both use SAE multi-purpose grease. External-exhaust engines have several more lubrication points, so consult the owner's manual for specifics and schedules.

Power Steering

The power-steering also must be kept well-lubricated with proper oil-based products. Use Kubota universal dynamic tractor lubrication for efficient turning and maneuvering.

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