How to Turn Off the Check Engine Light in a Range Rover

by Alibaster Smith
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The Check Engine light in a Range Rover indicates an issue with the various sensors, valves and solenoids that monitor and control various engine components and make sure that it complies with federal emissions laws. When the Check Engine light comes on, you need to address the situation first by determining what part of the drivetrain is malfunctioning. To diagnose, run a diagnostic check of the system using an onboard diagnostics (OBD) scan tool, which you can find for purchase from most auto parts stores. You might want to consider borrowing one if you're cash-strapped.

Step 1

Pry off the fuse panel cover under the Range Rover's steering column using your fingers.

Step 2

Plug the OBD scan tool into the Range Rover's access plug under the dashboard to the left of the fuse panel. This is the onboard diagnostic access port.

Step 3

Turn on the OBD scan tool and turn the Range Rover's ignition to the "II" position.

Step 4

Press "clear" on the OBD scan tool to clear the engine codes, and turn off the Range Rover's Check Engine light.

Step 5

Unplug the scan tool and turn off the ignition.

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