How to Troubleshoot the Schwinn S500

by Jeremiah Blanchard

The Schwinn S500 is a children's electric scooter that was discontinued in 2008, according to This scooter has been replaced by the Schwinn EZip E500 as of 2010. These scooters are powered by a 24-volt (dual 12-volt) battery with a full recharging time of four to six hours. As with all electric scooters, problems may arise, and learning how to troubleshoot a malfunction can save you money on costly repairs or replacement of the scooter

Step 1

Check all cable and wiring connections if the scooter is not starting or runs briefly and then shuts down. Look for any corrosion on metallic connection points and any signs of wear or separation of wires. Replace any broken or worn wiring.

Step 2

Check the brake levers and cables fro wear and tear. Look in the rear wheel for any signs of obstruction that may cause the brake not to work. Often, poor braking performance is cause by riding the scooter in mud or thick grass. Mud can cake inside the rear wheel, and grass can wrap over the axle, causing the brake not to work. Clean the rear wheel of any debris.

Step 3

Check the locking brackets and screws on the scooter handlebars, neck stem and seat. If the scooter is wobbly or feels too loose in any area, chances are a bracket lock has become unfastened or a screw is loose. Tighten any screws and brackets that are loose.

Check the battery terminal connections for any sign of corrosion on the battery. If the battery won't hold a charge for very long (less than an hour) the battery may have been overcharged or the connections are corroded and weak. Clean all connections, then try it again. If the problem still persists, charge the battery for no more than six hours, then try again. If the battery still won't hold a charge, replace the battery.

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