How to Troubleshoot a Lester 36V Battery Charger

by Robert Raphael
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A battery charger is a device that forces electric current through a rechargeable battery. After charging, a formerly empty battery can be used again. Like all other battery chargers, a Lester battery charger fills the battery with electric current until a certain amount of voltage is reached. The Lester 36V battery charger is designed to charge golf cart batteries. If you notice that your batteries last significantly shorter after charging or don’t get recharged at all, you may want to check and troubleshoot your Lester battery charger.

Step 1

Turn on your Lester battery charger to begin with the troubleshooting process. If you are working outside, Look at the location of the charger, if it is stationed outside, the charger must be protected from sun and rain.

Step 2

Wait to see if the Lester 36V battery charger will turn on. If the charger doesn’t turn on, that means that there is something wrong with the relay. Look at the relay, and see if it closes properly. If it does not, close it and continue to the next step.

Step 3

Check the transformer of your Lester 36 V golf cart battery charger. You should hear a humming sound, otherwise check the power cord to see if it is properly connected to the power outlet. If the power cord is plugged into the outlet, use a continuity tester to check the transformer circuit, following the wiring diagram indicated on the device. Remember, the circuit has to be complete and closed in order for the charger to work.

Step 4

Check the continuity of the whole power cord and the relay itself, using the tester from the previous step. Also check if the grounded plug of the power cord is bend, broken or damaged.

Step 5

Look at the ammeter to see if it registers and if it does not, use a continuity tester to check the charger fuse. When the ammeter is not working properly, that usually means that the there is an error in the DC circuit.

Step 6

Check the charger output and if it too low, look at the charger fuses. It is usually the case of a blown fuse, so simply replace the faulty one to repair your Lester charger.

Step 7

Check the battery you are trying to charge as well. A 36V golf cart battery is actually a union of six 6V batteries connected in series. Locate the hydrometer on your golf cart battery. Check the color of the electrolyte in the hydrometer and if it is gray or brown, there is something wrong with the battery and it needs to be replaced.

Step 8

Touch the Lester battery charger to feel if it is overheating. Note that there has to be enough air-flow around the charger and all its sides. It is best to position the Lester charger on a platform and away from any walls.

Step 9

Clean your Lester battery charger regularly, at least every month, so the contacts do not get dirty.

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