Toyota Corolla Wheel Torque Value

by Richard Rowe

Toyotas have a reputation for running forever, and that isn't all down to indestructible parts and engineering. As any German auto mechanic can tell you, even the best engineered parts won't forever survive the ravages of time without maintenance. That makes simple maintenance a crucial part of Toyota's ultimate longevity plan.

Lug Torques

Toyota specifically recommends 76 foot-pounds of torque for modern Corollas, produced since the turn of the century -- but this is just in keeping with the company's overall wheel-lug torque scheme for all of its cars. Since long before it started selling the Corolla in the 1966 model year, Toyota had used a lug nut torque range of 70 to 80 foot-pounds for cars. This was to make owners' and mechanics' lives easier, and to ensure that all cars could use the same length tire irons. Trucks were typically prescribed 80 to 90 foot-pounds, with some heavier trucks and off-roaders like the Land Cruiser running upward of 100 foot-pounds. But if you don't have a torque wrench, between 70 and 80 foot-pounds will work for your Corolla, provided all the lug nuts on any wheel get about equal torque.

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