Toyota 7SDK Specifications

by Michael Gunderson

The Toyota 7SDK is a skid steer loader manufactured by the Materials Handling Equipment division of Toyota Motors. Toyota utilizes this company within its corporation for the manufacture of material handling and industrial vehicles. These vehicles include shovel loaders, tow tractors and skid steer loaders. A skid steer loader is an engine-driven industrial use vehicle. It is equipped with hydraulic arms that receive various attachments for lifting materials. These lift arms are located at the sides, rather than front, of the vehicle. What also makes this machine unique is its ability to turn around in extremely tight spaces; which is useful in numerous industrial and agricultural applications. Toyota skid steer loaders are used in airports, on farms as well as construction areas because of this maneuverability.


The diesel engine has four cylinders. Skid steer loaders are run with diesel fuel because it is more efficient than gasoline. This is useful because most skid steers operate over eight hours each day.

Safety Features

The loader is equipped with an Enclosed Rollover Protection Structure (EROPS). This feature is combined with a seat belt which meets Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specifications to restrain the loader's operator within the enclosure in the event of a rollover. All skid steer loaders manufactured after September 1972 are required to be equipped with this safety feature.


The weight of the skid steer is 5,323 lb. The lift cap weighs 1,150 lb.

Optional Features

Optional features include lifting forks, various size buckets and logger tracks. Skid tracks can be installed over the tires to help provide stability to the loader. When installing these tracks, the manufacturer suggests that wheel spacers be used if the vehicle has a clearance of less than three inches between the sidewall of the tire and the frame.

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