What Is a Torque Angle?

by Evan Em

You might be familiar with the terms torque and angle, but unfamiliar with the term torque angle. The definition of torque angle is probably what you expect it would be.


Torque is a way to measure force. Specifically, it is how much force it takes to turn an object. Torque is commonly used when describing tools or mechanics in terms of how much torque would be needed to turn a bolt on a machine.


An angle is a mathematical term used to describe the shape made when two lines diverge from a common point. If you place a dot on a page, and draw two lines going in different directions, you would create an angle.

Torque Angle

Torque is commonly used to measure the security of fasteners. However, there are some fasteners that when measured, give off a relatively high level of torque, but fail when you measure the clamp force. To bridge the gap between the two tests, a measurement technique has been developed called torque angle. Torque is measured and plotted on a graph as the fastener is installed and uninstalled. The arch that is created is the torque angle, and is a visual way of measuring the security of a fastener.

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