Where Is the Thermostat in an Escalade?

by Charles W. St.Clair
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Locating the thermostat in your Cadillac Escalade requires some basic knowledge of the heating/cooling system of the vehicle. Replacing a defective thermostat is an easy, low-cost endeavor if you have automotive-repair experience.

Cooling System

The cooling system keeps your engine from overheating during operation by opening and closing a temperature-sensitive valve in response to changing coolant temperatures.


The radiator -- a large, rectangular-shaped part -- sits behind the grill at the very front of the Escalade's engine. Radiators and heating/cooling systems of recently driven vehicles can be hot; let the engine cool for at least three hours before touching it.

Upper Radiator Hose

At the top of the radiator, a large rubber hose leads out towards the engine, to carry radiator fluid to the engine block.

Thermostat Housing

As the upper radiator hose meets the engine block, a dome-shaped housing contains the thermostat. You cannot actually see the thermostat until you remove the housing.


Don't confuse the heating and air conditioning system for the thermostat. You'll find temperature controls for the interior of the vehicle -- correctly referred to as the climate controls -- on the dash. For a detailed diagram showing the thermostat's location, purchase the factory service manual for your year and model Escalade.

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