About Temporary Car Insurance?

by Sabah Karimi

Almost all states require some type of car insurance or liability coverage to make sure motorists assume financial responsibility in the case of an accident; temporary car insurance can be purchased on a month-to-month basis as a substitute for long-term car insurance to provide coverage in a variety of situations.


Temporary car insurance, also known as short-term car insurance, is a car insurance policy that lasts for less than the standard 6-month or 12-month term of an insurance policy. Temporary car insurance is an attractive option for drivers who know they are only going to be driving their car for a very short period of time. It can also be used to provide coverage for individuals who are not covered on an existing policy, such as a friend, neighbor or family member.


Temporary car insurance policies are available both as comprehensive or liability coverage premiums, and they are usually priced much higher than a standard annual policy. Most temporary insurance policies offer coverage in 2-week or 4-week segments and must be renewed within a few days of the end of the coverage period. Insurance companies that offer temporary car insurance include Geico Insurance, Progressive Auto Insurance, State Farm Insurance and American Family Insurance.


Some states penalize heavily for drivers who have a lapse in insurance and reprimand those who are caught driving without any insurance coverage at all; temporary car insurance prevents this from happening. Parents can purchase temporary car insurance for their children who may be using the family car for a short period of time. Business associates may purchase temporary car insurance when they are using someone else's car for an extended business trip. A driver may purchase temporary car insurance to drive a new car purchase home and have not decided what type of coverage they want; in this case, they will have some time to shop around for the best insurance rates or package while still having some type of coverage.


Temporary car insurance is not designed to be used as a substitute for a long-term insurance policy; this type of insurance provides all of the benefits of regular car insurance so that there is no lapse in coverage. Some insurance providers offer discounted temporary car insurance programs for current customers, especially for those who are traveling out of state or overseas and plan to drive another vehicle for a short period of time.


Temporary car insurance is not cheaper than a standard policy, and it may end up costing you a lot more than an annual policy if you keep renewing your temporary policy. This type of insurance is most suitable for drivers who want don't want to take any risks associated with driving without car insurance, or simply want to "buy" time while shopping for the best insurance package or rate.

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