What Are the Symptoms of a Timing Belt Going Bad?

by Vanessa Padgalskas
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A timing belt controls the timing of the engine's valves. When a timing belt snaps, certain types of engines can be ruined. It is best to replace the timing belt when you have reached the number of miles your car manual recommends for a replacement, or when you see some symptoms signaling that the timing belt is going bad.

There are two different types of engines: interference and non-interference. If a timing belt snaps or slips on an interference engine, the engine will be badly damaged costing a small fortune in repairs. If a timing belt snaps on a non-interference engine, the engine will be damaged but will not cost as much in repairs as an interference engine.

Timing Belt vs. Timing Chain

Some cars come with a timing belt, but some come with a timing chain. A timing belt is made of rubber and is more apt to break than a timing chain. Some car makers recommend changing timing belts every 80,000 miles, while timing chains typically last the life of the car unless symptoms arise. Refer to your car manual to check the recommended mileage for timing belt replacement guidelines.

Time for Timing Belt Repair: Excessive Exhaust

If your car fires more than a typical amount of exhaust, it may be time to consider timing belt repair.

Time for Timing Belt Repair: Difficult to Start

If your car has high mileage and is difficult to start, the timing belt replacement could required.

Time for Timing Belt Repair: Leaky Engine

Older rubber timing belts degrade in hot temperatures and with exposure to motor oil. If your car runs hot and has a leaky engine, the life expectancy of your timing belt is lowered. Newer timing belts are made of heat-resistant materials and do not have this problem.

Time for Timing Belt Repair: Shakes

A working timing belt is perfectly timed with the valves and pistons. If the belt is going bad, the timing will be off, causing the car to shake.

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