Suzuki LT230 Specs

by Martin Cole
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From its 1985 release, quad lovers were ditching roads in favor of thrashing up woods in this classic off-road ride. The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) was equipped with a side-kick starter, something uncommon on kick start vehicles. The Suzuki QuadSport LT230, or the LT230 as it is often called, was discontinued in 1988.


The LT230 is driven by a two-valve overhead cam 230 cc, four-stroke single-cylinder engine, with fuel delivered by a Mikuni VM26SS carburetor from a 2.5-gallon tank, including reserve. This power is fed to the wheels via a manual clutch five-speed transmission with reverse.


The 1985 and 1986 models are 71.7 inches long, 41.7 inches wide and 42.5 inches high. The seat stands at 31.3 inches from ground level and the frame clears the ground by 4.5 inches. The wheelbase is 44.5 inches while the front track is 31.7 inches and the rear track 31.3 inches. The LT230's dry mass, the mass of an vehicle excluding liquids, is 337 pounds. The body is a little smaller in the 1987 and 1988 models, coming in at 70.7 inches long, 41.9 inches wide and 43.5 inches high. It is equal in all other dimensions.

Other Specs

The Suzuki possesses a 35-degree inside steering angle, a 25-degree outside angle, and an 8.2-foot turning radius. On top of that it has a 5-degree BTDC (before top dead center) ignition timing below 1,800 rpm and a 35-degree BTDC when over 3,800 rpm. The Quad also has a 39/12 final reduction gear ratio, hydraulic disc brakes at the front and back and long wheel travel of 6.3 inches, thanks to Double A-frame front suspension.

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