How to Get a Short Term Car Lease

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If you want to lease a car, but are leery of committing to a multiple-year contract or want to avoid the initial down payment, get a short term car lease by assuming someone else's vehicle lease. When you swap a lease, you can virtually set your own terms since the person hoping to break a car lease often wants to do so immediately. Consider these steps to get a short term car lease.

Search the car lease adds at websites like LeaseTrader, LeasedWheels, Swapalease and AutoLeaseBreakers to get a short term car lease. The sites serve as listing "brokers" for car lease holders who need to get out of a car lease typically for financial reasons.

Choose a reputable company that offers car lease takeovers for the duration you want. You can typically get a short term car lease for as little as six months. Realize when you swap a lease that you'll be assuming the monthly car lease payments for the months that remain in the original vehicle lease.

Find a car that interests you in the ads and check its condition, history and car lease swap terms. Consider inspecting the car in person before you agree to the short term car lease. If there are lease transfer or credit application fees before you assume the vehicle lease, consider asking the "seller" to cover them.

Swap a lease by agreeing to the stipulations of the short term car lease, which will typically be arranged and documented in paperwork through the original car lease holder's company. Sign the new vehicle lease contract to make the car lease transfer official.

Realize that when you get a short term car lease, you will have the option of buying the car or returning it to the dealership once the vehicle lease is up. You will also be held liable for any damage or mileage overages discussed in the original car lease agreement.


  • check Ensure that you swap a lease through a car dealership or under the approval of a car dealership. You may encounter liability issues or be taken advantage of if you get a short term car lease "under the table."
  • check Consider asking the car lease seller for a cash incentive when you get a short term car lease if the vehicle lease you want to take over is near the allotted miles in the original contract since you'll have to pay penalty fees if you go over the specified miles.

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