How to Settle a Car Accident Without an Insurance Company

by Brenda Ingram-Christian

Car accidents are often extremely expensive, but if you have had a very slight bump or just a scratch you may opt to settle the accident without involving an insurance company. An accident in a parking lot is one type of event that doesn’t usually involve much damage and can be worked out without complications if the fault is clear. You are not required to report a parking lot accident to the police and in most locations police will not respond even if you do.


Gather information from the at-fault party, including his name, address, and driver's license number; the vehicle's license plate number; and the type, age and color of his car. Note the damage to his vehicle and your own.


Request estimates of the cost of repair from two body shops and provide them to the at-fault party. Unless you are very familiar with automobile bodies and current costs of repainting or replacing bumpers, mirrors or side panels, you should not accept a cash settlement or a personal check at the scene.


Draft, sign and have notarized a statement that will release the at-fault party from any further liability. This statement should include the amount agreed upon, the terms of payment -- lump sum or in multiple payments -- and the full names, addresses and signatures of both parties.


Receive a lump sum settlement amount and use this amount to repair your vehicle, or have your vehicle repaired at your expense and collect monthly payments or as otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

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