How to Set the Timing on a Mitsubishi Galant Car

by Justin Wash
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The way the timing is set on your Mitsubishi Galant determines when the spark plugs fire, in order to ignite the fuel drawn into your engine through the fuel injectors. In order for your Galant to run and drive smoothly, the timing should be set correctly. A timing maladjustment may cause engine-bucking or misfires, leading to further problems down the road. The timing should be adjusted as a part of a regularly scheduled tune-up, but if you feel it necessary, you can set the timing on your Galant at home.

Step 1

Look above the freewheel to find the timing check hole cover. Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the timing check hole cover so you can see inside. Attach the ignition wire of your timing light to the number one spark plug, the farthest to the right on top of the engine.

Step 2

Start the car and allow the engine to idle until it reaches operating temperature. This will normally take ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 3

Point the timing light through the timing check hole and watch the timing mark in reference to the center line of the timing light. If the timing mark appears too fast (too far to the left of the center line) the distributor should be adjusted clockwise. If the timing mark appears too slow (too far to the right of the center line) the distributor should be adjusted counter-clockwise.

Step 4

Turn off the engine, loosen the distributor mounting bolts and twist the distributor in whichever direction you need in order to correct the engine timing. Tighten the bolts, start the engine and check the timing again through the timing check hole.

Step 5

If the timing mark lines up properly with the center line of the timing light, turn off the engine and remove the timing light from the ignition wire. Your Mitsubishi Galant is now perfectly timed. If not, make any necessary adjustments to the distributor until the mark and center line are in sync.

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