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How to Service a Sun Roof in a Saturn VUE

by Contributor

If you properly maintain your Saturn VUE's sun roof, you can enjoy the open air in good weather and eliminate leaks and squeaks. It's generally recommended that you clean and inspect your rubber seal at least twice a year to correct small problems and spot the big ones.

Replace the Rubber Seal

Step 1

Remove the interior trim work and headliner from inside the SUV. Take a digital photo beforehand, so you can return them once you finish your repairs.

Step 2

Unfasten the screws and bolts that secure the sun roof to the body of the Saturn VUE. Unplug the sun roof from its power source, located near the back of the sun roof.

Step 3

Tug the sun roof off of the top of the Saturn VUE and move it away from the vehicle. Store it in a safe spot. Get someone to help you with this step, so you don't accidentally damage your SUV.

Step 4

Pull the old rubber seal out its channel and discard it. Be careful to remove the old rubber seal entirely with your plastic scraping tool, as well as any adhesive that remains in the track. If you find rust under the old seal, coat the channel with Rustoleum to prevent further damage.

Step 5

Install the new rubber seal, beginning with the outer lip and working in. Inspect your work for wrinkles and bulges. If you find any, lift the seal at those spots and replace it again. Do this until the seal is smooth and even inside its track.

Replace the sun roof and fasten it to the Saturn VUE. Plug the sun roof back in. Return the headliner to it's original position, followed by the interior trim work.

Maintain Your Sun Roof

Step 1

Inspect the sun roof of your Saturn VUE to make sure it's seated evenly on your vehicle, not raising or lifting at one corner. Lifting indicates the presence of debris on the tracks, or a damaged seal around the sun roof.

Step 2

Remove the trim on the interior of your Saturn VUE and allow the material to drop. Use compressed air to blow dust and debris from the tracks that move your sun roof. Lubricate them using 3-In-One.

Step 3

Check the sun roof's four drain tubes for clogging. Two run down the front of your vehicle to the bumpers. Two run to the back, most often by your tail lights. Consult your owner's manual for specific locations, as this can vary slightly year to year. Clear the tubes using compressed air and replace them.

Clean the sun roof's rubber seal with a damp, lint-free cloth. Pay attention to the condition of this seal. If you see signs of excessive wear, replace the seal to prevent leaks.

Items you will need

  • Screw drivers
  • Pliers
  • Plastic scraping tool
  • Rustoleum
  • New rubber seal
  • Level
  • Screwdrivers
  • Compressed air
  • 3-In-One Lubricant
  • Lint-free cloth

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