How to Find the Best Senior Auto Insurance Rates

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Save money and get the best senior auto insurance rates by following the steps below. As we age we drive less and find ourselves living on a fixed income. Follow the steps below to find the best senior auto insurance rates. No one can be denied car insurance because of their age. You may be required to take an exam before you are given a renewal license. For the best rates get insurance quotes from several companies before making your choice. Taking a defensive driving course or purchasing a safer car can save you money.

GET COMPARISON AUTO QUOTES There are a number of companies that specialize in auto insurance for seniors such as AARP and AAA. Your former employer or church group may offer a group insurance rate that will save you money on your auto insurance. Your local insurance agent may offer you a lower rate than other auto insurance companies. The main thing to do is to get comparison auto quotes. There are online web sites that will let you compare auto insurance rates among several companies.

TAKE A DEFENSIVE DRIVING CLASS Defensive driving classes can be taken online or at a driving school. Before signing up for a defensive driving course check with your auto insurance company to see if you will a get a discount on your auto insurance for taking the course. Even if your auto insurance does not offer a discount for taking a defensive driving course it is a good idea for everyone to take the course. Driving safely should be your number one goal when on the road.

LOWER YOUR DEDUCTIBLE Many senior citizens are driving cars that they have had for many years. The deductible on your car many cost more than your car is worth. To get the best senior auto insurance rate choose a higher deductible for your car. If you have a newer car you may want to keep a lower deductible to cover the costs of a fender bender.

CHECK YOUR CAR'S FEATURES When purchasing your next car choose one that is lower to insure. Some things to look for are anti-lock brakes and air bags.

CHECK YOUR ZIP CODE Your car insurance rates are adjusted according to your zip code. If you own two homes and spend equal time in each home choose to list your car in the zip code that will give you the best insurance rate.

TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Many seniors do not want to give up their driving. At a certain time in our lives our eyesight becomes worse; we have trouble hearing and the medication that we are on interfere with our driving ability. Make the choice to use senior taxi's, friends, or family members to provide transportation when you feel that you are no longer safe behind the wheel. The money that you save on insurance, car payments etc. can easily be used on an alternative form of transportation.


  • check Review your insurance yearly to get the best senior auto insurance rates.
  • check Take a defensive driving course.

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