How to Sell a Car Quickly

by Duncan Jenkins

Vehicle sales happen all the time. Cars move fairly quickly through the consumer market, and getting in on the action couldn't be easier. With the advent of online sites that cater to sale-by-owners, you can list, source and find a buyer in a limited period of time.


Determine the Blue Book value of the vehicle. Review the link in the resources section for Kelly Blue Book online. If you're looking to make a profit, you'll need to structure any classified ad highlighting the positive attributes of the vehicle. Positive elements of the vehicle will need to be mentioned always, but especially if you are looking to make a decent profit on the car. Make any repairs or improvements you have been putting off to get the car in the best physical shape possible before selling it.


Research different classified outlets. Online sites work very well, but so do newspaper and consumer vehicle ads. Review the links in the resources section for a couple of reputable sources. You'll need to pay for print ads, but the advantage is that you'll be reaching your local community -- people who are most likely to buy your vehicle. Contact dealerships in your area -- some allow private citizens to post both ads and vehicles on the lot for a fee. This will get your car into the eyes of those already looking for a car.


Emphasize your intention to sell the car quickly. In your ad, highlight attractive elements for the vehicle. Some good examples are: good gas mileage, luxury options (moonroof, satellite radio), any recent upgrades (new brakes, tires, stereo), cleanliness, low mileage, and power locks and windows. Such items will draw the attention of potential buyer.


Be prepared to negotiate with all interested buyers. If your bottom line truly is speed, you shouldn't be closed to any negotiations. Settle for less, but do not take an enormous loss on the car as you'll be doing yourself a disservice. Keep an open mind to all offers and ultimately accept an offer within your time frame.


Tell friends and family about your intention to sell your car quickly. Spreading a buzz -- particularly in your own network -- always helps to attract attention. Similarly, tell coworkers and hang advertisements at your office or place of work. People are often more inclined to buy from someone they know than from a stranger in a classified ad.

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