What Are My Rights in an Auto Insurance Claim?

by Contributing Writer

Your rights in an auto insurance claim depend upon the policy you have with your insurance carrier, the other party's insurance coverage, and the determination of fault if any.

Filing a Claim

At the accident scene, exchange insurance information with the other party involved. The police will file a report which you use to then file an auto insurance claim.

Insurance Carrier

Your auto insurance coverage will determine your rights. An insurance claims adjuster will determine the amount of damage to the vehicle. If you have no-fault insurance, you pay a deductible and your auto insurance covers the rest of the costs.

Other Party in Claim

If the other party involved is at fault, you may file a claim with that person's insurance company. This claim covers costs not covered by your insurance company.

Lack of Auto Insurance

If your automobile is uninsured and the other party is at fault, you may file a claim with the other party's insurance company.

Other Party's Lack of Auto Insurance

If the other party lacks auto insurance, you may file a claim in court.