How to Get Rid of the Moth Ball Smell in a Car

by Kathryn Kutny

Moth ball smell is very unpleasant and unhealthy to breathe. The odor has toxins that can cause neurological damage to small children. It probably can harm adult brains as well. There's a natural, simple way to get rid of this smell.

Step 1

Pour coffee grinds up to the middle of one of the bowls. Use regular coffee grinds you can find at the store. These soak up the odor of the moth balls. Keep the bowl of coffee in your car for three days.

Step 2

Pour baking soda up to the middle of the second bowl. The baking soda also traps bad odors and gets rid of the smell. Keep it there for three days.

Step 3

Fill the third bowl with charcoal all the way to the top. You can use regular charcoal that you use for the grill. The charcoal will soak up odors as well and help remove the moth ball smell in your car. Keep the bowl of charcoal in your car for three days and then remove it when your done airing out your car.

Step 4

Put the three bowls in different locations in the car. One bowl should be placed in the front driver's seat of the car. The second bowl should be placed in the middle back passenger seat. the third bowl should be placed in the trunk of the car. Make sure to open the two back passenger seats so fresh air can reach back there.

Step 5

Open all windows in your car if It won't be a rainy day. (Don't leave the trunk of the car open; this drains the battery.) Just keep the two back seats open halfway to let fresh air back in the trunk of the car. Don't close the back seats until the car is aired out for about three days.

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