How to Reset the Maintenance Light on the 2000 Honda Odyssey

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

You may have noticed the "Maintenance Required" light on your 2000 Honda Odyssey's instrument cluster. This light merely serves as a reminder that your Honda needs its regularly scheduled maintenance. You can reset this light yourself after the van is serviced, or you can ask your Honda dealer to do it.

Sit inside your Honda Odyssey. Either turn the key to "Off" or remove it completely.

Locate the black knob on your instrument cluster between the speedometer and the tachometer. It is not labeled. Push and hold the button.

Turn your key to position "II" on the ignition switch. Examine the ignition label to find position "II".

Continue holding the black knob. After 10 to 15 seconds the maintenance-required light will turn off. The system is now reset; it will not come on again until your next service interval.

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