How to Replace a Starter Relay in a 1996 Camaro

by Randy L. Cowan

The starter relay on the 1996 Chevrolet Camaro is incorporated into the starter solenoid attached to the starter motor assembly. The solenoid serves two purposes. The first is the relay portion that sends the high amperage power directly from the battery to the starter motor. The second purpose is to engage the starter drive to the ring gear that surrounds the flywheel or flexplate. On your Camaro's V-6, the solenoid is serviced with the starter.

Step 1

Connect a memory saver according to its manufacturer's instructions. This will eliminate the need to reprogram all of the computer systems in the vehicle. Disconnect the negative battery cable with a wrench and wrap the cable end with electrical tape to prevent the cable making contact while you are working under the vehicle.

Step 2

Using the hydraulic jack, lift and safely support the front of the vehicle on the jack stands. Spray penetrating oil on and carefully remove the nuts securing the exhaust crossover pipe to the exhaust manifolds, using the ratchet extension and socket set. Remove the exhaust crossover pipe at the exhaust manifolds.

Step 3

Remove the bolts securing heat shield and starter motor to the engine block. Remove the spacer shims that sit between the starter and engine block. Lower and support the starter while you disconnect the wires attached to the starter. Ensure that you mark the wires, so they will be reinstalled back onto the proper terminals. Remove the starter motor.

Step 4

Install the wires before installing the starter. Support the starter and torque the inner S-terminal nuts on the solenoid assembly to 25-inch pounds and the inner battery terminal nut to 80-inch pounds. Install the inner mounting bolt to hold the starter in place and insert the starter shims back into place by inserting the slotted ends of the shims into the inner mounting bolt. Install the remaining starter mounting bolts and torque them to 40-foot pounds with the torque wrench and sockets.

Step 5

Using the socket set, install the starter heat shield and exhaust crossover tube. With the hydraulic jack, lower the vehicle. Connect the negative battery cable and remove the memory saver. Start the vehicle several times. Listen for any odd sounding noise and ensure the vehicle easily starts every time.

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