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How to Replace the PVC in a 2003 Escape

by Allen Moore

The 2003 Ford Escape is equipped with an emissions control device known as a PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve. The purpose of a PVC system is to reroute exhaust gases back through the combustion chamber in order to further remove any unburned fuel or other pollutants before the exhaust gas passes out and into the atmosphere. The PCV valve itself can begin to stick closed or open over time and will eventually need replacement.


Open the hood on the Escape and pull the plastic engine cover off the engine. It snaps into place and comes off with a good tug. Set it off to the side.


Remove the air intake tube from the air cleaner housing to the throttle body by using the socket set to loosen the clamps on either end and then pulling the tube off by hand.


Shine the flashlight into the engine valley underneath the throttle body and locate the PCV valve. The valve has a black crankcase ventilation hose coming off of it. Pull this hose free by hand.


Turn the nut on the side of the valve a half turn counterclockwise using the socket set. Pull the valve out by hand.


Insert the new PCV valve and tighten the nut on the side a half turn clockwise with the socket set. Push the black crankcase ventilation hose onto the new PCV valve.


Reinstall the air cleaner hose in reverse of how you removed it. Reinstall the engine cover by aligning the tabs and pushing it into place.


  • It’s a good idea to thoroughly inspect the crankcase breather hose for any signs of cracks or leaks while replacing the PCV valve. If you see any, replace the hose while you’re in there to save yourself from having to go back in later on.

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