How to Replace a Bulb on the Instrument Panel of a Jeep Liberty

by Chris Moore

A number of components within the Jeep Liberty's instrument panel, like the instrument cluster and the heater/air conditioner, contain light bulbs that illuminate the units at night. Depending on how often you keep the lights on, you may need to replace one or more of the bulbs over time. You should be able to change the bulbs without completely disassembling the instrument panel.

Disconnect the vehicle's negative battery cable--loosen the clamp nut for the black cable with a wrench and remove the cable from the terminal.

Remove the trim panel bezel surrounding the component you are changing the bulb for, like the dashboard center bezel or the instrument cluster bezel. Remove any screws with a Phillips screwdriver and pry off the panel with a trim stick.

Disconnect the heater unit, instrument cluster or other component by removing its mounting screws with the screwdriver and pulling the unit out. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the unit.

Turn the light bulb holder counterclockwise and pull it out of the unit to disconnect it. Pull the light bulb straight out of the socket.

Push the replacement light bulb into the socket. Don't touch the glass with your bare hands, or the bulb may overheat; wearing latex gloves are one of the best ways to avoid this.

Insert the bulb socket back into the cluster/unit and twist it clockwise to secure it.

Install the unit back in place within the instrument panel, reconnecting its electrical connectors and securing it with its mounting screws. Push the trim panel bezel back in place and use its screws if needed.

Re-connect the battery cable.

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