How to Replace a 2001 Ford Focus Fuel Filter

by Lennon Simpson

Although not a part of regular vehicle maintenance, there will come a time when you'll need to replace the fuel filter on your Ford Focus. Using a clogged filter can lead to serious problems, such as a burned-out fuel pump or a busted fuel line. Luckily, replacing a fuel filter is as simple as pulling the old one out and plugging a new one in, after you've depressurized the fuel system.

Depressurize the Fuel System

Step 1

Remove the fuel pump fuse. This is in the fuse box underneath the dash on the driver's side of the cockpit.

Step 2

Start the engine and let it idle until it stalls.

Step 3

Crank the engine to make sure the fuel is fully out of the system.

Replace the fuel pump fuse.

Replace the Filter

Step 1

Remove the battery ground wire. Lift the Ford Focus on a stable lift.

Step 2

Put on safety glasses and gloves. Locate the fuel filter. It will be underneath the car towards the rear on the passenger's side.

Step 3

Remove the fuel lines going into and out of the filter. Remove the evaporative emissions line.

Step 4

Unbolt the bracket and remove the fuel filter.

Place the new fuel filter in the bracket, paying close attention to the directional flow arrows. Reattach the fuel lines and evaporative emissions line. Start the engine.

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