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How to Replace Emergency Brakes in a Hyundai Santa Fe

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The emergency brakes on your vehicle were originally used to stop it when the regular brakes failed. However, the brakes on a Hyundai Santa Fe now rarely fail, and the emergency brakes are mostly used to keep the vehicle from moving while parked. The most common source of failure for emergency brakes occurs when they aren't used for some time, causing the brake cable to rust and seize.

Determine which type of emergency brakes your Hyundai Santa Fe will need. Emergency brakes typically function by activating the regular braking system on the driving wheels. The emergency brakes for the Hyundai Santa Fe use the rear wheels, which may have drum brakes.

Remove the rear wheels with a socket wrench and slide the rear brake drum from the rear axle.

Release the hold-down spring and return spring for the brake shoes. Disconnect the brake shoe strut and brake shoes with a socket wrench.

Install the new brake shoes onto the brake drum with a socket wrench. Attach the return spring and hold-down spring to the brake shoes. Connect the brake strut with a socket wrench and mount the brake drum onto the rear axle. Install the rear wheels with a socket wrench.

Pull the parking brake lever up one click and tighten the adjusting nut with a socket wrench until the parking brakes drag the rear wheels slightly. Release the parking brake completely and ensure the parking brakes do not drag at all. Make sure the parking brakes are fully applied when you pull the parking brake lever up all the way.

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