How to Replace the Timing Belt in a 1990-1993 Honda Accord

by Denise Spooner
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Replacing the timing belt on your 1990 to 1993 Honda Accord is a maintenance requirement every 90,000 miles. This procedure should take you roughly three hours. You can purchase an owner's manual to preview a schedule of maintenance checks required at various intervals.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Using a ½-inch-drive ratchet and the 19 mm socket, turn the center bolt on the crankshaft so that number-one cylinder piston is at top dead center (TDC). You will know you ware at TDC when the mark on the crank is in alignment with the arrow on the timing cover.

Step 2

Disconnect the cruise control connector and remove the cruise control actuator. Loosen the upper mounting bolt with the 14 mm socket. Use a 12 mm socket to loosen the lower nut then use a 10 mm socket to loosen the adjuster from the power steering pump and remove the belt.

Step 3

nuts and bolts need removed

Loosen the upper air conditioner mounting bolt using the 14 mm socket. Use the 12 mm socket to loosen the lower nut and adjusting bolt on the alternator and remove the alternator/AC belt. Remove the valve cover using a 10 mm socket.

Step 4

Place the jack behind the left front wheel where the arrow is located indicating the jack location, and raise the vehicle. Put the jack stand under the subframe behind the jack, then lower the jack. Remove the left front wheel for easy access to the crank pulley. Using a block of wood atop the jack, place the jack under the oil pan and lift with slight pressure to hold the engine in place. Remove the side engine mount using a 17 mm deep socket.

Step 5

Take off the dipstick, pipe tube and upper timing cover using a 10 mm socket. Then remove the timing belt adjuster rubber seal without loosening the adjuster nut. Take off the crankshaft pulley bolt. Use the chain wrench to hold the the crankshaft pulley while turning the crankshaft pulley bolt with a 19 mm socket. Use the 10 mm wrench and 10 mm socket to remove the bolts on the lower cover. Remove the lower cover and mark the location of the cam, crank and balancer shaft with Liquid Paper. Remove the balancer shaft belt and timing belt.

torque wrench

Install the timing belt and the balancer shaft belt in the reverse order of removing them. During Installation of the crank pulley, coat the threads of the crank pulley bolt with engine oil and tighten it to 159 foot-pounds. Finally, adjust the tension of the power steering and alternator belts as well.


  • While installing the timing belt, it is important for the number 1 cylinder to be at TDC on the compression stroke.
  • Be careful not to bend the cruise control cable when removing the cruise control.
  • Remember to note the number on the back of the stereo in order to retrieve the five digit code from the dealer. After re-installing the stereo, enter the code at this time to enable the stereo to work again.
  • Inspect the water pump for any leaks. This would also be a convenient time to replace the water pump or perhaps just to avoid having to repeat this process again as the water pump is driven by the timing belt.
  • When referring to the repair guide from AutoZone, scroll halfway down the page to view information for the 1993 Honda Accord
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  • Do not attempt to remove, replace or install a timing belt on this vehicle while the motor running.

Items you will need

  • Car jack
  • Jack stands
  • Torque wrench
  • Chain wrench
  • 3/8 inch drive ratchet
  • 1/2 inch drive ratchet
  • 10 mm wrench
  • 12 mm wrench
  • 10 mm socket (3/8 inch)
  • 14 mm socket (3/8 inch)
  • 17 mm socket (1/2 inch)
  • 19 mm socket (1/2 inch)
  • Timing belt
  • Balancer belt
  • Bottle of Liquid Paper

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