How to Repair Motorcycle Chrome

by C. Taylor

Repairing motorcycle chrome is challenging at best. Chrome is essentially a very thin plating over another substance, such as nickel. Small or even medium scratches in chrome can sometimes be buffed or polished out. Deep scratches, especially those penetrating the entire chrome plating, are sometimes impossible to repair and would require professional re-chroming to restore its original appeal.

Clean and dry the chrome area with a mild detergent and soft rag. Ensure all removable grit and particles are gone, which may scratch the surface during polishing.

Spread a small amount of the chrome polish over the area and rub it in with the steel wool. Considerable effort is required.

Clean the area and inspect your progress. Verify that the process is not scratching the chrome further.

Repeat the process of polishing, cleaning and inspecting multiple times until you are satisfied with your progress. Using increasingly finer or softer materials to rub the area helps even out the scratches.

Add a small amount of the chrome polish to a soft rag and rub the area thoroughly to apply the finishing touches.


  • close Some polishes scratch chrome, so only use polish specifically designed for chrome, and even then, test it on an inconspicuous spot.

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