How to Rent a Pickup Truck

by Gregory Crews

Renting a pick-up truck is easier now than ever. There are many rental companies offering rental trucks for daily uses or even weekly or monthly rentals.


Determine how long you will be needing a pickup truck. If you need a pick-up for a day to haul a few items, then you can contact your nearest Home-Depot or U-Haul, since they offer daily rates. If you need a truck for a longer time frame, then contact rental car companies since they have rates for longer periods of time, as well as daily rates.


Determine which type of truck will best suit your needs. If you are hauling large items and need the horsepower, then you will need a half-ton to 3/4-ton truck to get the job done. If you need a truck for courier-type duties and you want to save on gas, then a midsize truck, such as a Chevrolet Colorado or Dodge Dakota, will be the solution.


Research rental companies online or by phone to determine which company will offer the best rates and the best vehicle for your situation. Research insurance requirements and types of trucks available. You will also want to find out if there is a set fee for the day with unlimited miles or if you will have to pay extra for mile usage.


Find out which rental companies will work with your preferred method of payment. Most rental car companies will not rent unless there is a major credit card on file. U-Haul is a popular choice among truck renters as they charge a flat fee for the day and do not require a credit card. They also have a wide selection of trucks from midsize to full-size options, as well as moving trucks and different types of trailers.


Make your selection and visit the required pick-up point to inspect the truck. Ask the leasing agent to show you the truck you will be renting so you can inspect the truck on all issues. Look at the tires, fluid levels, lights, body, and interior. You will also want to look at the fuel level. In most cases that is how much fuel needs to be in the truck when you return it.


  • check When renting, inquire about what discounts you may be eligible for so you can save some money in the process.


  • close Ensure you read your rental contract and note any issue with the truck before you rent it out.

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