How to Remove Toyota Window Cranks

by Richard Ristow

Window cranks seldom need replacement, but if you spend a lot of time maintaining your Toyota, you may have to remove them more than you might expect. You'll have to remove a window crank before you do any of the other steps in removing a Toyota's door panel. Basically, the crank is ultimately in the way of many other repairs.

How to Use a Crank Remover


Insert the tip of the crank remover under the Toyota's crank.


Push the crank remover inwards and dislodge the c-clip holding the crank to the Toyota's door panel.


Set aside the window crank for later use. Remove the c-clip from the door and set it along side the crank.

How to Use a Shop Rag


Pull the shop rag tight in two hands.


Pull the rag under the Toyota's crank and inwards.


Move the rag back and forth in a sawing motion. The rag will catch the c-clip and dislodge it.


Collect the c-clip and crank and set them aside for later reuse.

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