How to Remove the Rooster Tails on a Yamaha Jet Ski

by Jared Curtis
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The rooster tail that sprays water in the air on the back of your Yamaha jet ski can be removed. The rooster tail is designed to allow other boaters to be able to see your jet ski. However, when pulling a tube or a skier, the rooster tail can be annoying as it sprays the individuals behind. Disconnect the rooster tail while you pull a skier and reconnect it during solo driving.

Step 1

Locate the output hole that the rooster tail comes out of at the rear of your jet ski. It is mounted in the floor.

Step 2

Remove the hose clamp that connects the hose to the connector with a Phillips screwdriver. This is under the floor near the jet.

Step 3

Remove the hose by pulling it off of the connector with your hand.

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