How to Remove the Starter From a Tundra

by Doug Leenhouts

On occasion, the starter in a Toyota Tundra will fail and require a rebuild or replacement. The starter on the Tundra is well-hidden under the hood, inconveniently placed under the intake manifold. Removing the starter should be done with care, as you don't want to lose track of what wires are connected to the starter terminals. When the starter fails, your truck won't start and it must be removed. A set of sockets is all that is required to remove your truck's starter.

Step 1

Engage the parking brake and pop the hood.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative battery terminal so that none of the electrical parts of your car will engage.

Step 3

Remove the air intake tube and manifold with a socket. They are located toward the rear of the engine. Disconnect the fuel rails and injectors, along with the plenums, and lift the manifold to reveal the starter. The manifold will require two people to lift.

Step 4

Follow the positive battery cable to the starter. The starter looks like one cylinder on top of the other. Wrap each group of wires connected to the starter posts with a nylon tie wrap and label the connections. This will prevent you from losing track of what post each wire should be connected to when the new starter is installed.

Step 5

Remove the two connecting bolts of the starter with a socket set. Place them somewhere secure where they cannot be lost, and move each set of wires out of the way.

Step 6

Unbolt the two mounting bolts of the starter, and remove it from the truck. Keep the bolts somewhere secure for installing the new starter later.

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