How to Remove Stains From a Dashboard

by Jess Jones

We use our cars to get us to work and for various other purposes, including weekend travel and cross-country trips. We do everything in our car from eating and drinking our favorite beverages to putting on makeup. This can result in stains in our car interior, including the dashboard. You can purchase cleaners designed for the upkeep of your car’s interior, but they don’t always get rid of all stains. An alternative utilizing products from your cupboard can get your car dashboard looking new again.


Pour 1 cup of white vinegar in your spray bottle. Add 1 cup of warm water. Mix well.


Spray the stained area with the vinegar solution. Leave for several minutes.


Rub the stained area with a clean rag to loosen the stain. Rinse well.


Dry the area with a clean, dry rag. If you still see a visible stain, move on to the next step.


Dampen a cloth with warm water and add a dime-sized drop of laundry detergent to the rag. Apply detergent to the dashboard and scrub in a circular motion.


Rinse well with warm water and dry with a rag.


  • Test a hidden area of your dash to make certain the color doesn't fade or run before you apply the vinegar/detergent to a visible section of the dashboard.

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