How to Remove a Kubota Tractor Fuel Filter

by Grace Mclain
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Both of the Kubota B-series and L-series tractors come equipped with bowl-type fuel filters. These fuel filters are enclosed inside of a see-through bowl. The fuel travels out of the fuel tank and into the fuel filter bowl. Once the fuel enters the bowl, it circulates through the inner filter. The inner filter then catches any small sediments and other impurities. The clean fuel then leaves the fuel filter bowl and flows to the fuel injectors. Replace the bowl-type fuel filters between 150 and 200 hours of service.

Step 1

Park the Kubota tractor in an area with plenty of ventilation. Make sure that the surface is level.

Step 2

Turn the engine off and engage the transmission, so the tractor will not roll.

Step 3

Locate the fuel filter bowl on the front of the Kubota tractor. The fuel filter bowl is clear, with a fuel filter mounted inside of it. If the fuel filter bowl has a fuel valve on the top of the bowl assembly, turn the valve to the "Off" position.

Step 4

Wrap the fuel filter strap wrench around the bowl in a counterclockwise direction. Slowly turn the fuel filter bowl counterclockwise until the bowl loosens. Then, finish unscrewing the bowl with your hand.

Step 5

Place the bowl on the ground. You can now access the fuel filter. Pull the fuel filter straight down from the bottom of the fuel filter housing. Discard the old fuel filter into the drip pan.

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