How to Remove Crayon From Car Upholstery

by Constance Barker
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Coloring with Crayons in a car keeps children occupied for hours. Unfortunately, the Crayon does not always stay on the coloring book. When Crayon marks end up on car upholstery, they are removable. Crayons are made from a waxy substance that permeates deep into upholstery, and special techniques are required to pull the wax from the surface. Using these techniques and certain products allow you to remove Crayon from car upholstery.

Step 1

Scrape hardened Crayon from car upholstery with a spoon.

Step 2

Plug an iron into an extension cord long enough to allow you to reach the car's upholstery, and turn the iron to the lowest heat setting. Place two to three white paper towels over the Crayon stain.

Step 3

Glide the iron gently over the paper towels. The heat from the iron melts the Crayon and allows it to absorb into the paper towels. Check the paper towels as the Crayon stains release onto them, and replace the towels as they become saturated. Continue to glide the iron over the paper towels until the Crayon wax stops bleeding.

Step 4

Apply one drop of grease-cutting liquid dish-washing soap to an old toothbrush and scrub the stain.

Step 5

Dab at the stain with a water-dampened rag, lifting the remaining Crayon mark from the car upholstery. Press dry towels into the seat to aid in the drying process. Leave car doors open until the seat dries completely.

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